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Q: Can I still attend if I am not an Keystone Customer?
A: This show is NOT open to the public; it is an invite – only event to current or prospective Keystone customers. Contact us to find out how to become a customer.
Q: How do I register?
A: If you are a current or prospective customer, contact your sales consultant to register.
Q: Is there a registration fee?
A: The BIG Show is free to current or prospective customers; contact your sales consultant for more information.
Q: Is The BIG Show ADA compliant?
A: Absolutely! All training rooms and exhibit halls are easily accessible and comply with ADA requirements.
Q: How do I get to The BIG Show?
A: Contact your sales consultant for flight and hotel information. Driving directions can be found under HOTEL & TRAVEL.
Q: If I need hotel accommodations for The BIG Show, where will I stay? How do I make changes?
A: Once you are registered, you will receive confirmation details from the Keystone Events Team. If you need to change your reservation, simply contact your sales consultant with the details.
Q: How will I travel to/from the airport, hotel and /or convention center?
A: Visit the Hotel & Travel Tab for more information.
Q: Do I need to bring anything to The BIG Show?
A: It is a good idea to bring business cards for networking, an extra bag to carry catalogs and other freebies, and because there’s a lot of walking, a comfortable pair of walking shoes.
Q: Am I allowed to sell or give away product while in my booth?
A: Companies are NOT permitted to sell anything for delivery at the BIG Show; orders may be taken for future delivery ONLY. Giveaways are permitted in accordance with the BIG Show Rules and Regulations and are subject to Show Management approval.
Q: When will I receive my exhibitor badge(s)?
A: Badges may be received at the Registration Desk prior to show floor entry. Registration hours can be found on the Exhibitor Agenda page.
Q: When am I required to wear my BIG Show badge?
A: Badges must be worn at all times on the BIG Show floor and are required for entry to the floor.
Q: How do I get my freight to The BIG Show?
A: We have set up programs to minimize cost and ensure your freight gets to the show safely and on time. Please go to the Exhibitor Info page to see the complete details. If you have additional questions, please contact your Category Manager or Keystone Events Team for more information.
Q: What is the photography policy?
A: Exhibitors are not permitted to photograph or video the exhibit or product of another exhibitor without prior approval.
Q: What is appropriate attire while exhibiting at The BIG Show?
A: Attendees, exhibitors and media must wear appropriate apparel at all times. Business or business casual attire is suggested. Logos and sayings on apparel must be in good taste. Show Management reserves the right to make determinations on appropriate apparel.
Q: If I have questions about my booth space, who do I contact?
A: Contact your Category Manager directly with any questions regarding your exhibit space.
Q: Can I use the images from this site for publication purposes?
A: You cannot use any image on this website without express written consent of Keystone. Please use the Contact Us for to request permission and please include where these images would be used and in what media format. A Keystone representative will review your request and return an answer within a reasonable amount of time.
Q: How do I attend the Keystone BIG Show?
A: Please contact the Keystone Events Team ( for details on how you can attend.
Q: What is The BIG Show?
A: The Keystone BIG Show is the largest automotive aftermarket and accessories trade show in the industry. Our show is open exclusively to current or prospective Keystone customers and suppliers.
Q: Does this site work on mobile devices and tablets?
A: The Keystone BIG Show website is a fully responsive website which means that its size adapts to mobile phones / iPads® and different resolutions. You will be able to access valuable information while attending the shows to help you find suppliers and navigate the show faster without having to download an app.
Q: Who should attend The BIG Show?
A: This show is NOT open to the public. It is an invite-only event open only to current or prospective Keystone customers and suppliers. If you are interested in partnering with Keystone, reference the Contact Us tab to learn more.
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